St Petersburg Auto Loan Credit Repair

It may be true that it seems impossible to restore your credit but we assure you that it isn’t, not with the help of St. Petersburg Credit Repair Today. We have a team of reputable advisors who prove successful in helping improve credit scores. If you’re in the market for a new car but your credit is not where it needs to be, turn to us. We help you improve your credit rating so that you can buy the vehicle of your choice. Our advisors help people, just like you; improve their credit every day.

    How Your Auto Loan Improves Your Credit

    At St. Petersburg Credit Repair Today we handle two types of credit, revolving and installment credit. Car loans are considered installment credit loans. This means that once you sign a contract, you make a monthly payment, which may include other fees associated with the vehicle loan. You are expected to pay this type of loan back by a specific time. Revolving credit is similar to a credit card. This is debt that is rolled over to the next month. It is good if you have both types of credit on your report. An auto loan can account for as much as 10% of your credit score and can quickly help boost your credit.

    The Right Auto Loan Approval

    Make sure you have the right type of auto loan so that you can benefit from making monthly payments. The one thing that you will need to do is make sure that whichever dealership you purchase your vehicle from is reporting to the credit bureaus. If they do not report to the credit bureaus then buying a vehicle from them will not help your credit. The right auto loan is one that reports your on-time payments to at least one of the credit agencies.

    How to Manage Your Auto Loan

    Having an auto loan is one of the most practical methods for quickly improving your credit score. However, it only benefits you when you are making on-time payments. This is how you can improve your credit score with your auto loan and save time doing so: 

    1. Make on-time payments since being late with your payments incur penalties and fees and are looked at negatively by most lenders. You should make payments instead of paying the loan off because lenders want to see you make payments.

    2. You can refinance your auto loan. This might help you get a lower interest rate, which will lower your monthly payments.

    Reliable Source of Information

    You can rely on our financial advisors to provide you with the most reliable sources for improving your credit. Whether this is an auto loan or some other type of loan, they will advise you of the best type suited to your needs. You gain a wealth of helpful information when you work with our advisors, as they have been extremely successful at helping consumers find the best way to improve their credit without getting deep into debt.