St Petersburg Credit Restoration

If you need a credit restoration service to help you improve your credit rating, contact St. Petersburg Credit Repair Today. We will follow the FHA and SBA guidelines whenever we begin helping you restore your credit. If you have bad credit then we don’t have to tell you how paralyzing this can be. You already know. Your credit is about more than just the score. We can assist you in understanding your credit and how your financial outlook can affect what you can get and cannot get. If this is what you want and need then go ahead and give us a call to schedule a credit repair consultation with our professional advisors.

    Why You Should Use Our Credit Restoration Services

    To get approved for a loan of any type; college, home, vehicle, you will need to have good credit. There are some things that you can buy with poor credit but you will spend far more money than you have to to do so. Many of the lenders who would lend to someone with poor credit are not legal. You definitely wouldn’t want to make your situation worse than it already is by relying on any of them. We are a reputable and reliable credit restoration company. We have proof that we can effectively improve your credit situation.

    Reputable & Reliable St. Petersburg Credit Service

    If you have decided to do something about your credit and you are seeking the help of a credit repair service, make sure it is one that is reputable and reliable. If you are considering a credit repair service in St. Petersburg, make sure they offer you the following. If they do not then STOP and give us a call. The company you are considering may not be legit if they do the following. 

    1. Ask for an upfront fee to consult with you about your credit before they have done any work.
    2. They advise you not to contact credit reporting agencies about your situation
    3. Tell you to dispute items on your credit report that you know to be accurate
    4. Advise you to put false and incorrect information on credit and loan applications
    5. They don’t review your legal rights after explaining their services to you.


    Are credit repair companies effective? Yes, they can effectively get negative items removed from your credit report. Having some of the negative items removed will help improve your credit score. They can’t guarantee that the lender will see you in a more favorable light. If they make such a guarantee then they should offer you a money-back guarantee if you are still unable to get approved for a loan.

    How long does it take to restore your credit? Credit repair can take three to six months. The process of restoring your credit isn’t something that can be done overnight, so don’t expect that to happen. It will depend on how many things are negatively affecting your credit report and the number of items that can be disputed.